Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Chicks - Broody hen cured

Audrey was broody. A friend brought her some fertile eggs on July 23rd. She did her chicken growl when the fake eggs were removed. Audrey almost purred as the fertile eggs were placed underneath her. Sunday 8/14 was to be my annual family picnic. My Grand Daughters (age 6 and 3) had not seen the chickens.

Picnic day arrived and the girls were delighted with my small flock. Phyllis allowed the girls to hold her (she is my people chicken). Amethyst had an egg in the other nest for the Grand Daughters to collect. Audrey was bossy and protective about her eggs. Later that afternoon two eggs hatched

When picnic ended, we Grandmothers agreed to bring the chicks to visit four days later.

There were four chicks.

Above is the four day visit.

Above are the chicks at their two week visit.

chick one first day above and at 2 weeks below. They have gone to a farm where they will be able to stay together even with a rooster (above) and hens. They will have a chicken tractor when needed and be able to wander the farm at times. A good life for them.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer 2011 knitting adventures…

The second Sock Summit was held the last week of July 2011, I attended on 7/30. Here are my purchases.I got a two project bags, a new shuttle for weaving that fits my hand and a noste penna for winding yarn that also fits lmy hand from KCL Woods

Com> One of the project bags is from Knit/Purl---that is the pink one. I also got a comic book for knitters, the first in the series – The Knit Princess http://www.knitprincess.com

The yarn purchase was from our own local Three Fates yarn I wanted that one for a sweater for the next addition to our family due in Sept. I have the Baby Mine pattern from Stephanie Pearl McFee and she reminded me of the yarn weight and needle size. I did not end up using that yarn, but rather another.

The event at the Sock Summit on Saturday was the Flash mob dance. Here is what I saw as I participated.

The next adventure was to join my other knitting guild the Knotty Knitters at the Oregon beach home of Suzanne. Here is my haul from that trip.

I was facinated by the Fliegende Untertasse from Germany. This is the yarn on the spool. It is two fibers dyed together and ready to knit two socks together and at the same time. I am looking forward to starting this on magic loop, this winter.

I had to put the pirates booty in my purchases because we went to the yarn shop in Pirates Alley, the only shop near-by. This was a lovely place with wonderful owners. We also visited Dapper Frog where I got the fusha colored bottle which holds a candle. The wire inside has bees flying in the circle to the hanger.

My beach project!

I worked on the baby blanket for the Grand child due in Sept., finishing on 8/14/11. This is a Jared Flood design in Homespun yarn. Janita found the pattern, I got the yarn in the center, Janita knitted the center square, and I knitted the edging from left over yarn that we had used in blankets for the other grandchildren. It ws hard knitting, but the product is wonderful.