Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Chicks - Broody hen cured

Audrey was broody. A friend brought her some fertile eggs on July 23rd. She did her chicken growl when the fake eggs were removed. Audrey almost purred as the fertile eggs were placed underneath her. Sunday 8/14 was to be my annual family picnic. My Grand Daughters (age 6 and 3) had not seen the chickens.

Picnic day arrived and the girls were delighted with my small flock. Phyllis allowed the girls to hold her (she is my people chicken). Amethyst had an egg in the other nest for the Grand Daughters to collect. Audrey was bossy and protective about her eggs. Later that afternoon two eggs hatched

When picnic ended, we Grandmothers agreed to bring the chicks to visit four days later.

There were four chicks.

Above is the four day visit.

Above are the chicks at their two week visit.

chick one first day above and at 2 weeks below. They have gone to a farm where they will be able to stay together even with a rooster (above) and hens. They will have a chicken tractor when needed and be able to wander the farm at times. A good life for them.

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  1. I didn't know you were keeping chickens, too, Nancy. I love the name Phyllis for a hen!