Thursday, September 8, 2011

Predators to the backyard farm

Yellow jackets! Yikes… I am allergic and they are trying to invade the beehive. I understand that they can ruin the hive.

I was stung the other day and the following day the single sting in my finger was exceedingly painful a looked huge black and blue and blistered. I well I needed more traps for my “pay back.” Here are results.

I used two commercial traps this is my “kill” for one day…so satisfying. These work on a pheromone attractant but since it is fall and the yellow jackets are looking for protein for their larva for winter I added bacon.

I happen to have two glass bottle traps.

Here is my favorite. I am unable to find more of these.

Here is my other bottle trap. It is only four inches across. This has been my most dependable performer in the past.

Last night I left it on the ground as yellow jackets were there looking for wataer. It was knocked over by the Airedale as he ran at our morning predators.


When Trevor and I awoke he went out the door with a growl. I heard hissing and howling, but it was not Trevor. It was two raccoons after food in the garden. Trevor kept after them until they finally left over the fence. They were really unconcerned at my showing up with the flashlight, but Trevor did not give up and they left.

That is an Airedale for sure. Here he is looking sweet as ever.

It does not appear that they were after the chickens that were tucked into their coop for the night. They are only allowed in the chicken yard when I am home and can check on them I notice that when a crow or jay flys over them, Abby the largest of the chickens opens her wings making her appear much larger.

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