Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trevor has learned to play

Every year Trevor Airedale and I go to the Picture People for pictures. Trevor usually looks the same, but I take my best pictures with him. Then we have pictures to share with family, for Facebook or Ravelry This year we had a coupon.

We got groomed the day before. I go to Brandy Ashlock at Images Hair Salon

(503) 990-7475  ‬‪5171 River Road North, Keizer, OR 97303‬.

I took Trevor to his groomer KBeeler who rents a station at

She has taken the time to learn to groom Trevor.

Our photographer lives with two roommates, they each have a Pit Bull. His is the youngest –a girl-18 months. He suggested that we do some with just Trevor.

Trevor is all Airedale – a typical clown. But we never would have had these pictures were it not for Our Veterinarian. Trevor goes to

2925 Lancaster Drive Northeast Salem, OR 97305

(503) 581-5899

He is on a well dog policy and had been going in every time he had lesions for itching (that means for years). June of 2011 Dr. Palotti suggested allergy shots. Not only does he now have a lovely pink belly, but he is more playful and even more loving. He goes to doggy Day Care at M-F and they kept telling me that he was playing more, standing up for himself, greeting new dogs appropriately and just generally happier.

Whose dog is this anyway.

Oh yes, still My Trevor- McClever

Trevor turned 11 on March 5, 2012 these pictures were taken six days later.


  1. Wow, great pictures of you both, luv the dog onlies too. What a treasure to have. My son is 18, we have taken an Evan and Airedale picture every year since Evan was born. Evan is 18 so several Airedales grace our walls. You are an Oregonian?? Did you know there is an Oregon Airedale Terrier Society, OATS? I'll let you know when we have a fun together! Happy Airedale ing
    Woody Airedale

  2. Trevor-McClevor! I love it! Happy belated birthday, Trevor!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Nanci, you and Trevor look Terrierific! Hugs from Aireizona. Sidney & the HardieDales

  4. Happy birthday to Trevor and how wonderful to see him looking so happy and lively. I know exactly what you mean, Nanci, about taking your best photos with the dog!

  5. Happy Birthday Month to Trevor! He looks so happy in these photos!

  6. Trevor looks like a happy boy and he sure puts a smile on your face!

    We love our Airedale Calli too.... She is just coming up to her second birthday in April and she puts the life in our home and us!