Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the "farm" garden 5/9/11

Here are the chickens. Audrey and Phyllis are the Banty Cochins’ in the front and Alabaster the biggest chicken is in the back. You can’t see Amethyst well. Amethyst and Alabaster are Americana’s. All four are laying hens. Audrey just started laying.

Here is a picture of the “orchard”. It is a small raised bed about 6X4 feet. The blooming trees are the apple espalier trees. There are four kinds of apples on each. The other espalier trees are the pear trees with bartlet and Anjou pears on each. In the center are two columnar apple trees. This is the second year for them.

The Pear trees have a problem. The red spots on the leaves are not good. Jeannie is not certain if this is a virus, mite, or fungus. We are guessing fungus, as it has been such a wet spring. So today we sprayed with Safer, which is for fungus and mite. We used a shield as we sprayed to insure that no spray got on the apple blooms. We don’t want the bees to be at risk.

I went into the beehive and removed the empty sugar water feeder. The bees seem happy. They are flying more as the days become longer. We could see some sealed cells through the observation window.

The peas, planted in Dec. 2010 are in bloom.

We planted two more tomato plants. Juan Flame, which is the favorite of local chef’s and the author of the Heirloom tomato book. When she was asked if she could have a field on only one tomato which would it be. Is what she would choose. Purple lalabaugh is Jamie’s favorite, people love this one and come up to the stand just to smell then buy.

We added some fava bean to the insect hedge, which has lots of tiny shoots. We planted seeds for tombocini and yellow zucchini and butternut squash. We planted some celery plants and some yellow cauliflower.

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