Monday, May 2, 2011

Visit from Your HOme Harvests 5/2/11

The mason bee house. The robin nest on top is not being used so far this year. The tubes on the shelf under the green roof are new. You can see one entering (hopefully with an egg) The tubes below, some of them sealed off are not clean this year and not viable, but I will clean them for next year as they are clear and we can see the bee's development in the clear tubes inside.
The blueberry flowers in front, the peas to the back and left planted 12/10 and 18 in tall, and the tiny carrot sprouts to the right and back planted about 3 weeks ago are 1 inch high.
We are concerned about the espalier pears. They have a mite. Jeannie is choosing a safe spray.
We planted tomatoes - Stupus my pick because I am supposed to have tomatoes in July- Chocolate Cherry (evaluated by an 8 yr. old last summer as "almost as good as ice cream")- Eva Purple - Jeannie likes this as it has someone's name.
Behind the fencing are new seedlings. These are native plants/weeds that will flower all summer for the bees "delight".
Next we check the bees. their sugar water is to the left. They have used 1/2 a pint. They are gettingmore from the environment.
First we always check the chickens. Here is Amathest. She is the lead chicken.
The chickens are now laying 2-3 eggs a day.

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