Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Pumpkins and Last fall harvest

Jeannie brought me some pumpkins from her farm. Here is the traditional one. It looks big in this picture, but is is a scant 12 inches. Here it is sitting on one of the child chairs to my children's table set. this is really a "sugar Pumpkin" for making pies. I will do that in Nov.
This is the other pumpkin. Yes it is green and warty and sweet and orange inside, as you can see by this cut.
This is what I canned. There are 9 pints of pumpkin, and I had some more tomatoes to can. Finally in the plastic are the roasted pumpkin seeds.
This is my apple harvest. My mini orchard is in it's second year. I have two espalier pear trees that did not produce anything or even bloom. BUT the two espalier apples did and so did one of the columnars. I have gravenstine, goldens, and liberty (my favorite for eating).
Halloween found Jeannie and me picking the last of the veggies as we were expecting (and had) a good frost. Here is a mix of red and green tomatoes, a butternut, and a few unexpected tombocini - zuchinnis.
Finnally Jeannie brought a winter squash which will hang out in the garage until January. It is a Marina de Chioggia. It is famous in Itally for ravioli---
Make a filling with squash, crushed amaretti cookies and parmesian
or you can just prepare and eat... Jeannie says "Cut it in half with a big knife and clean the seeds out. You can bake it like this or cut it into a few pieces. I bake them at 400 for at least 30 minutes but maybe as long as an hour. Check it with a fork. " And eat..which is what this garden is all about...good healthy eating.

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